chris siametis


CEO/Founder/Gang Leader

Social media ninja and the snappy dresser. Don't blink or you'll miss him, a gem of a genie speeding across the web on his magic carpet, he brings your brand to every corner of the virtual planet. The Founder of Creamy W Group, after graduating in Business Studies, Chris gained experience promoting consumer brands and celebrities through traditional and online channels.

The silent and shy power behind your brand.

He is fluently in Greek, English (with a heavy sexy accent), and Insta and twitter-lingo.


vasiliki papameleti


Chief Executive Officer

Vasiliki's endless mending with the fabulous world of media peaked 10 years ago when she met her mentor digital media guru Francesco Vitali and skyrocketed! Impeccable at designing and running successful digital marketing campaigns from start to finish. A portable tech Wiki disguised as a young professional with goals and results up to the sky. She holds a Bachelor degree in Cultural Informatics from the University of the Aegean, specialized in Communication Emerging Technologies(NTUA), and she is Master in Marketing and Communication Studies. Specializing in beauty, and health industries, as well as small business and start-ups, she gained valuable hands-on experience in digital marketing, and she's always anxious to drive your idea to the next level. Vasiliki is a genuinely passionate tea lover and tacky geek.

ilenya lekka


Creative Director

Graphic designer and editor. Ilenya lives life in color, and travels the world for her work. Graduating from Goldsmith's College in London, she's known for her work on the Aqua brand, Icarus Sports and 48 Film Project. Multi-talented, with experience in projects for TV, 'A'-Listers, film and video, she's a cut above the rest in editing, production and post-production, AV and graphic design. She's a perfectionist, a stickler for detail, and fluent in Greek and English.

john barounis


Director of Technology

Programmer and web developer. He builds beautiful sites, but too many hours coding has this guy seeing stars, or maybe the aliens that live on them. In his spare time, he likes to solve high-level algorithms, but he'll come down to earth long enough to transform your concept into kick-ass web pages.