The whole world is having a blast on the net. Except you. You’re all dressed up in your best frock, propping up the virtual bar, trying to join in the fun. Let us help.


Social Media Management

We understand that growing a brand through social media platforms can be time consuming, so we do the heavy lifting for you. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to focus on what you do best, bringing high quality services to your marketplace.

Online Reputation Management

Your brand’s online reputation is the most valuable asset of your business. It's exactly the first thing people find about your business when they Google you. Your online reputation shapes their impression of your business or product, or even you. And most of the time before you've even met. Unfortunately, not everyone has a perfect reputation online. We offer strategies you can adopt in order to change that. Whether you're a major brand with bad press, a CEO with embarrassing photos, or a small business owner who struggles with bad reviews, we have a solution.



Daily Facebook and Twitter, Posting, Account Maintenance, Spam Protection, Monthly Report.


Heavier than Light, with extra Part time management, Target Audience Growth, Social Interaction, Set up new accounts.


When you need to be extra popular with, Full Time Management, Facebook Competition Management, Personal Account Manager.


You are our Heavily extra popular and extraordinary star! With 3 blog posts per week, Weekly performance updates, Optional Extras.


What is social media? And why do I need social media for my business?

Social media is the interaction of communities on the web. This happens in different formats such as blogs, posts, comments, images, music and videos, on a variety of platforms. Even if your business is doing fine be sure you are not missing a percentage of your target audience that is on the net. 89% of businesses advertise and sell online these days.


I know my market place. How do I discover what channels they are using?

We'll analyze it for you. Different demographic groups frequent different platforms. We know what these are. We are the social media experts, you are the expert for your business and you know your own customers. However, we will manage the day-to-day stuff for you and free you to run your business. Whilst we deliver the message, your customer is interacting with you and your business.


How do you propose to work together with my staff?

Your sales and marketing strategy will involve all departments of your business, including your customer care staff, delivery and service people, and so on. Together we will plan how all these contribute across the interfaces we identify as likely to be effective.


It all sounds very pretty, but can't I simply use twitter and Facebook and be done with it?

No you can't. Whilst these two are phenomenally successful and almost universally adopted, they may not be top of the list of your customer base. Different age groups, for example, frequent different platforms, although they may also use twitter and Facebook.


What are the best social media management tools?

There's no single answer to this and there are a great many of them from which to choose. We have to search for and apply the best ones to meet your social media needs.


There are so many blogs out there. Is there any point in my company having one?

A blog is a good way of building up a loyal following, which can convert to sales and help to further online promotion. It's true a blog requires more investment in money, time and content, but if it is appropriate for your business, you should consider it.

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