3 Reasons Why You MUST Use Social Media

#1 – Distribute content and increase traffic

On a daily basis millions of users are searching the internet for content that interests them, content which if found can be shared through social media with just a few clicks. Being able to create a high level of quality content for your site will dramatically increase the amount of traffic you receive. Each blog post you create can be shared through social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. When someone sees your content and enjoys it they can then go on to share it with their friends. This is when you can hit a gold mine of free traffic. All of this starts by producing a piece of high quality content which can be put onto your website. The more quality content that you produce and share the more inbound traffic you will generate – which means more leads and more conversions. It’s a simple method which has the potential to take your brand to the next level if you implement it effectively.

#2 – Engage with customers and improve customer service

The No.1 concern of many customers out there is customer service and how efficient a company is at communicating. You could have a whole team of people who run customer service for 24 hours straight but if they do not understand how your customers want to communicate then it’s a waste. The current preference for customers now is social media. Social media allows businesses to quickly and easily respond to customers’ comments, questions and concerns. This enables your customer to receive help almost instantly and therefore boost their satisfaction level. Social media also allows you to monitor what your customers are saying and receive some valuable consumer insights along the way. Every business out there wants to know exactly what their customer interests are.

#3 – Increase your brands loyalty and awareness

Social media has become one of the largest platforms for product reviews and not many businesses realise it. If a customer enjoys your product/service they end up sharing their experiences on social media so all of their friends can see it. For example, say Susan had recently been shopping and picked up a brand new pair of shoes that she likes, she will then make a post about it on social media which can be seen by all of her friends. This now triggers her friends to go and check out where she got the shoes from. Can you begin to see how valuable social media is? By having dedicated pages to your brand you can collect a following of loyal customers who will become repeat buyers. By being able to create high level pieces of content and by being able to implement a successful strategy on social media you can take your business to the next level. If you would like to see how we can help you achieve this then get in touch with us here!

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