3 Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

As a small business owner you will know how important it is to keep in touch with your current customers as well as potential customers. Someone who has agreed to give you their email address, whether it was through a capture page on your website or any other way, are going to be a lot more likely to convert into a paying customer than someone who comes across your business for the first time. Having the ability to build a list of potential clients is invaluable for any business.

#1 – content is still king

Even when it comes to email marketing content is still king. Being able to produce a high level of quality content is imperative for any small business. You need to be careful though that you do not become ‘spammy’. Being labelled as a spammer will ruin your businesses reputation before it even takes off. To prevent this try avoid using the words “free” and “giveaway” in the subject lines of your emails. Otherwise your email will end up straight in the receiver’s spam folder. In the body of the email you need to make sure that it’s short yet effective. Make sure that your customers can easily scan the copy and receive the message at the same time. You’ll notice this over time but customers who receive emails will rarely spend time to deeply read it, they scan through quickly to try and see what information they can obtain. Each email you send out to your customers must contain some form of a call to action. These can come in many different ways, here are two examples for you: “Sign up now and receive 15% off” or “refer a friend and get $25” The reader needs to feel compelled to take action, so make it relevant to their needs. Otherwise you’ll find that customers will just start ignoring your emails, or worse they will unsubscribe.

#2 – Create a newsletter

Having a monthly newsletter is a great way to email your entire list; you can even get away with doing this twice a month. Do not overdo it though, otherwise your subscribers will become irritated. In the newsletters you want to include as much information as you possibly can about what’s new and happening within your market. Monthly newsletters are also a great way to introduce new deals and services to your list. Make sure that you include your latest blog posts as well, this can help with search engine optimization (SEO) as the more page views that your articles receives the more likely Google is to rank it higher for the key words.

#3 – Keep detailed, segmented lists

Keeping your email lists segmented is vital for any business. If you are just starting out you want to create multiple lists that are specific for your customers. Otherwise you may end up sending emails to people who would not like to receive them. For example, say you sell clothing and you have woman’s dresses and mens sweatshirts. You do not want to be creating a list of the two mixed together, otherwise in the future when you send out an email promoting a new woman’s dress to all of the men on your list are not going to find it relevant to them. That’s why it’s important to get your lists segmented. This can be done in age, gender, interests and 100 other ways. It does not matter how you decide to segment them, just make sure you do. If you would like to receive more information on how email marketing can help your business grow then make sure to get in touch with us here!

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